Why Maintain ?

We can understand why looking after your air conditioning or refrigeration system probably isn't your first priority

Maybe the systems were already installed when you moved in, they worked from day one, have been cooling and heating fine for years so why bother to maintain them now ?

Unfortunately like many systems, your pieces of equipment will start to develop small problems over time which if not identified early can escalate into failures.

If equipment is poorly or infrequently maintained issues such as smells, poor airflow and water leaks can develop.

Problems which cause the system to work harder will lead in a decrease in efficiency and increase in use of power.

Why should maintenance of your air conditioning or refrigeration system matter ?

Regular planned maintenance will :

  • make sure you are the right side of legislation like F-Gas which may put a legal requirement on you to have equipment leak tested at least annually and keep refrigerant records.
  • help make sure manufacturer warranties remain valid particularly if the equipment has been newly installed by us.
  • prolong the life of your equipment, improve system efficiency and reduce running costs.
  • help to keep coils and trays clean to reduce bacterial growth and the spread of certain health issues in offices.
  • check the saftey of operation of the equipment.
  • enable us to gain familiarity with your systems and offer advice on how to best use them.
  • clients that enter into a maintenance agreement will be offered priority callout and enhanced rates can be offered on long-term plans.

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